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A Lasting Impact



The newest and most efficient heating and cooling technology

Don't have air conditioning in your home?  Ask us about our state of the art Fujitsu mini split systems.  With flexible options of single zone or multi zone configurations we can design a package that will suit your needs.  These systems boast industry leading 12 year warranties, wifi capabilities and industry leading efficiency ratings.  Tired of outrageous oil and gas bills during the winter months?  These units also provide heat year round at a fraction of the price using only clean electric energy.  These are the perfect solution to any retrofit project or to simply update your home and add value. For customers who already have ductwork in their home we can ditch your old furnace and swap it with a new multi position air handler that turns your old oil or gas forced hot air system into an efficient electric heat pump.  Call us for a quote today!


Just like you, your system needs to breathe easy

As time goes by your Heating and Air Conditioning system collects dust and dirt that it pulls from the air passing through it.  If you do not change or clean your air filters regularly this can cause problems within your system and degrade the air quality in your home.  Once the filter is clogged it will allow this dust and dirt to pass by and either get stuck in the evaporator coil or be propelled into the air you breathe.  Have us come out today and change your filters and clean your coil to improve air quality and prolong the life of the critical components of your system.

Fixing an Air Conditioner
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Stay cool on the hottest day of the year


Extend the life of your system with routine tuneups

Keep your system up to par to avoid a breakdown on the hottest day of the year.  Have us do a multi point inspection and service yearly to check filters, refrigerant, and coils to keep you and your family comfortable and avoid costly repairs.

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Have an existing warm air heating system?  We can add AC to it!

Do you already have a warm air heating system in your home but no central air conditioning?  Keep your home comfortable year round by having us retro fit your existing system with central air conditioning.  This project can usually be completed in one day and will add value to your home and years to your life.  Stop the yearly routine of fighting with heavy window units.  Save money on your electric bill.  Call us today for a price.

No project is too big or small for Local Heating & Cooling. Get in touch today for an initial consultation.

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Don't get left in the cold

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Keep your oil burner running efficiently with routine maintenance

If you have an oil burning heat or hot water system you need to maintain it no if's and's or but's about it.  Have us come out to clean, tune up and inspect your oil burner every year.  An improperly maintained oil burner will have a significantly shorter lifespan and can also become dangerous to you and your family by producing deadly carbon monoxide fumes in your home.  Keep your system running happy and efficiently and your family safe with a tune up service today. 


Update your home with a new furnace 

Is your furnace more than 15 years old?  If so it has already exceeded it's life expectancy. Also if your furnace is that old it is most likely an 80% efficient unit.  What that translates to is the furnace is only capable of extracting 80% of the available heat energy from your fuel source into your home while 20% of that energy goes right up your chimney.  With today's new technology you are able to get up to 97% efficiency from your furnace.  That means more dollars in your pocket from savings on your energy bills.  Call us today for a quote on a new high efficiency furnace.



Have us update your home with a high efficiency boiler today.

Old ugly boiler in your basement?  Boiler leaking water on the floor?  Tired of hearing your boiler turn on and run every time there's a call for heat?  We can help.  Whether your house runs on gas or oil we can replace it for you while giving you a big upgrade in efficiency.  Today's boilers are offered in a variety of options from cast iron multi pass models to wall hung high efficiency models that take up almost none of your valuable space.  Today's units are so quiet that you won't even know it's running.  Many of them also offer on demand hot water for an endless supply of hot water so no one gets stuck starting their day with the dreaded cold shower.  There are also options for an indirect water heater that is powered by your boiler.  Call us today for a quote and find out what system will be best for your home.

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Your heating and air conditioning systems don't always breakdown at convenient times.  Not to worry.  Local heating and cooling is always on call to get you back up and running no matter what the time or the weather.  Don't hesitate to give us a call when your heat shuts down on a cold winter night or when your air conditioning fails right before that Sunday family dinner in the middle of August.

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